Smart Valet for Smart Properties

Streamline parking with the Staff Valet app, enabling guests to reserve, confirm availability, and pre-pay for parking, while providing a convenient and record-keeping solution for future visits.
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Receive valet service requests in advance

Seize the freedom to plan your arrival. Receive valet service requests in advance and confirm parking availability using the smart Valet App. Allow guests to save a parking spot before reaching the hotel premise by sending real time availability updates.

Confirm parking availability

Arrive with ease and check in effortlessly. Have your parking spot ready so that you don’t drive in circles in the basement to find a spot!

Automatically Post Charges to the Room

Get all valet parking charges automatically posted to the room that you can view in your app.

Ready to elevate the guest experience?

Provide your hotel guests seamless digital onboarding and contactless communication experience, coordinate with staff from anywhere, analyze their performance on your smartphone, and so much more.
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