Elevate Your Guest Experience, Simplify Your Operations.

Elevate your stay with our seamless digital solution for a fully immersive and hassle-free guest experience.
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We offer a platform designed to establish an ecosystem for hotels, enabling hotels to enhance guest services and optimize business operations by seamlessly integrating solutions from service partners directly into the MyCONECT platform.


Contactless Check-In and Check-Out

Exceed guest expectations and ensure satisfaction by implementing top-notch services and amenities.
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Mobile Bookings

Guests can book stays on the go through the MyCONECT Guest App, offering flexibility and convenience.

Contactless Check-In

The app streamlines check-in processes, minimizing physical interactions for a safer and efficient experience.

Digital Keys

Guests access their rooms using digital keys on the app, eliminating the need for physical key cards.

In-Room Controls

The app allows guests to digitally control room settings like temperature and lighting for a personalized stay.

Valet Parking

Guests can request and manage valet parking services through the app, simplifying the parking process.

Service Requests

Solve a problem or close a sale with real-time service request updates. Respond to guest requests on the go.

Deliver Exceptional Guest Satisfaction

Exceed guest expectations and ensure satisfaction by implementing top-notch services through automated digital solutions.

Integration with Hotel PMS

Seamless plug-and-play integration with any Hotel PMS ensures smooth communication between guest-facing features and internal hotel operations.

Real-Time Guest Communication

The Staff App enables instant communication between guests and the staff members for a responsive and personalized experience.

Staff Coordination

The system enhances coordination among staff by providing a centralized platform for communication and task management.

Staff Performance Analysis

Tools provided by the technology allow hotels to analyze staff performance, optimizing workforce efficiency.
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Stay Ahead with Our Innovative Mobile App-based Solutions

Custom-branded single platform for hotel, staff and guest’s digital needs

White Label Apps

Tailor functionality, design, and features to elevate your business while maintaining a seamless, branded experience.

Custom Native Apps

Provide optimal user experience to boost your business with our fast, reliable native mobile apps.

Mobile API

Enhance functionality and streamline communication for a seamless user experience and efficient business operations.
Upgrade Your Hotel Management Game

Hotel operators currently offer or plan to add

Mobile Reservations
contactless payments

Ready to elevate the guest experience?

Provide your hotel guests seamless digital onboarding and contactless communication experience, coordinate with staff from anywhere, analyze their performance on your smartphone, and so much more.
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