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What are MyCONECT Guest & Staff apps?
MyCONECT is a plug-and-play communication channel that provides Room selection and booking, Mobile Keys, self Check-in/out, valet parking features, along with real time contactless communication between 1. Hotel-Guest, and 2. Internal Staff.  MyCONECT Guest app allows users  to check in and check out with ease, access various functions for a contactless journey during their stay. Whereas, MyCONECT Staff app connects to a hotel's existing PMS to manage guest and internal staff operations.
What is Guest Recognition Service?
When a guest arrives at the hotel and logs in to the MyCONECT Guest app, the recognition service provides a confirmation of the expected guest’s arrival, which then further allows them to proceed with the stay, avail services and access other features of the MyCONECT Guest app.
What is Autonomous Self Check-In?
Autonomous Self Check-in allows users to select their preferred floor and room number without assistance from hotel staff, while allowing to purchase additional packages during their stay. In case unavailability of rooms, a guest can request to be on the waiting list on the MyCONECT Guest app. Once a room is available, the guest receives a notification to proceed self check-in. In addition, functions such as verification of customer payment method during check-in, verification process for staying guests, and provision of mobile key(s) to Accompanying Guests can be done without any assistance from hotel staff.
What is Future Booking?
Future Booking service shows travelers and guests a room’s availability to make online reservations, select rooms and request upgrades in real time.
What is Accompany Mobile Key?
If the hotel has an Accompanying Guest registered in the PMS, the Main Guest can issue a Mobile Key for a particular room for that Accompanying Guest. When the Accompanying Guest is in the hotel, they can use the Accompany Mobile Key to access all hotel services and amenities using the MyCONECT app.
Can I control room device using Guest Mobile?
Once the Room Control is interfaced with MyCONECT App, it is possible to use the control device using MyCONECT Guest App. For example, Temperature control, light control, TV remote control, Air conditioning etc
What is Room To Room Service?
Room To Room service allows Main Guests to issue and cancel Mobile Key(s) directly to the Staying Guest(s) to allow them to use the elevator to access a different floor to which they would like to visit.
What is Mobile Walk-In?
When a guest without a reservation arrives at the hotel, they can check availability of rooms at the hotel and make a booking the MyCONECT App. After a successful booking, they are automatically issued a Mobile Key to their room.
What is Concierge Supervisor?
Concierge Supervisor is a feature on the MyCONECT Staff App that provides notification service to Guests in real time and confirms the status of the Guest’s requests that are communicated to the Concierge.
What is Green Campaign?
MyCONECT’s Green campaign supports and promotes sustainable travel around the world including,① Using Guest App to request to use bed sheets and bathroom towels without replacing, as House Keeping provides confirmation in real time.  ② Housekeeping to proceed only upon guest’s request to clean the room. ‘Save The Earth’ Campaign is one of the services requested by many hotel guests to promote environment friendly choices by traveling guests.
What is Staff Mobile Key?
Staff Mobile Key is a feature that simultaneously grants Access Area Control according to the staff’s task and position, and provides authority to access guest rooms, floors, and serviced floor granted by hotel (EFL Lounge, Swimming Pool, Fitness Club, Special Area, Parking Lot, Business Center, etc.).
What is Quick Key?
‘Quick Key’ gives easy and quick access to frequently used features based on the hotel staff’s task and position. This helps employees optimize their performance. For example, a  Housekeeping staff can use the Room Master Key, while the Concierge can access a Guest’s staying information. Depending on their position, Supervisors can monitor and respond to guest request(s).
How is MyCONECT connected to the client’s database?
We integrate with your current existing PMS with JSON programming language only if you are not already using Opera PMS.
Do I need to buy the hardware (In-room control)?
No, as long as your door locks are BLE compatible, you can provide us with your SDK to interface with MyCONECT. If your door locks are not BLE compatible, you need to replace or upgrade after checking with your supplier.
Is white-labeling available?
You can put your logo on the app depending on your requirement. Dedicated mode will be used instead of multi-tenant for white-labeling; there will be an extra development charge. We include the hotel logo in the app, free of charge.
How can I integrate MyCONECT to my hotel?
Check what PMS you are using, then we can figure out what type of integration tools are required. For instance, if you’re using Opera PMS, you will need to purchase the following licenses: OWS, IFC8. We need your PMS & door lock information (BLE compatibility), in-room control, and parking system details. Integration for door lock, in-room control, parking system takes 2 months. For PMS integration, depends on what type of PMS you're using.
Check out MyCONECT’s For Hotels page for pricing details.
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