What Makes MyCONECT Hotel Digital Platform A Game Changer

MyCONECT Hotel Digital Platform is a game changer to help guests travel and stay better. Easier check-in/out processes, contactless communication, mobile keys, remote valet request and room control are few of the many features available within this revolutionary app which is certified with Oracle OWS & ifc8 licenses.

MyCONECT Guest App

The MyCONECT Guest App is a digital platform where guests can check-in and out of their rooms digitally, request mobile keys, contact staff with requests, control room features like the TV and AC from their mobile device, and request to make-up their room without ever leaving the comfort of their own space. While the Valet parking feature helps check availability of Valet parking before entering the hotel premise, other services include requesting laundry and housekeeping for staying guests at their fingertips.

The app is a one-stop solution simplifying the entire traveler’s journey before, during and after the stay that includes easy check-out and clearing expense tab - all of which is processed digitally.

MyCONECT Staff App

As the counterpart of the Guest App, MyCONECT Staff App allows hotel staff to perform a number of tasks including,

-Process guest requests

-Contactless communication with guests on their mobiles

-Contactless communication with employees/staff

-Monitor room status

-Oversee staff work status

-Coordinate Valet parking requests and more.  

MyCONECT Staff App provides employees with work information and easily connects to any PMS which is customized uniquely to cater to each hotel’s needs. For the hotel staff, MyCONECT Staff App aims to improve communication between teams as well as departments; it also reduces overhead costs by streamlining repetitive tasks in a completely paperless environment.

What is the ‘Green Campaign’?

If opted, in the Guest App within the Guest App, a staying guest can choose to use bed sheets and bathroom towels without frequent replacements. Upon selecting this, the Housekeeping will not provide room cleaning service unless requested by the guest which encourages sustainable usage of resources and amenities and a mindful stay.

Guests can change this service request at any time after opting, and the changes will be reflected in real time.

Other features of the Guest App include,

  • Emergency SOS button: For guests to call/signal reception
  • Shake to use Mobile Key: Use mobile keys simply by shaking the device
  • ID scanning: Used to save personal information while checking in to a hotel
  • E-payment: Easy electronic payments without leaving the MyCONECT platform

Make the Switch to Mobile Operations

Managing a hotel is no easy feat. There are plenty of tasks to accomplish, such as managing staff, confirming reservations, responding to guests, staff coordination and handling day-to-day operations. As an all-inclusive, cost effective platform that offers everything hoteliers need to enhance their hospitality services and effectively manage their properties by streamlining all operations and data management from the PMS to MyCONECT’s platform that acts as an interface between the two. This helps better manage and Staff operations without having to physically be at the work stations.

Digitalization of the hospitality industry is already happening and MyCONECT thrives to add value to the hospitality industry to ease the internal operations for hotels and businesses.

If you wish to learn more about MyCONECT digital platform, stay in touch with the latest updates.

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