Transforming the Staff Experience With MyCONECT Staff App

Digitization has already sparked a revolution in the hotel industry.

By the year 2027, we are expecting the digital hospitality sector to grow to about 58.1 billion USD, a considerable growth from just 6 billion USD in 2020.  

24% of hoteliers agreed that they are leveraging digitization to improve the guest experience by increasing their productivity towards upstanding tasks while 5% also said that digitization is super time-saving.

But what about the employees?

When we talk about integrating hotels with modern technology, we are primarily aiming to revamp the guest experience. There is a reason why hotels are investing in guest-oriented technologies.

But, to truly digitally transform a hotel, equipping its employees with the right digital tools is also important.

To quote Richard Branson’s tweet, "If you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers".

With the right set of tools and technologies, hotel employees can accelerate their work pace, attend to guests readily, keep track of their tasks and ultimately make optimal use of their productive time.

Following this narrative, MyCONECT has directed its efforts towards making things fast and easy for the employees as well.

In our last blog post, we talked about the merits of hotel digitization for guests and how the MyCONECT Guest App is bringing the surreal digital experience to them.

In this article, we’ll be bringing out the various essential features that the MyCONECT Staff App has to offer to make hotel operations seamless.

But before that, let’s have a glimpse at what common problems hotel staff prominently face.

Problems that need Solutions for Hotel Staff Members

Perpetual challenges are constant when it comes to busy industries like the hospitality sector. But, when these challenges pose serious troubles for the hotel operations, things need to get done!

And with serious issues, we mean problems like:

Performance Accountability

For small hotel businesses, this might not be a problem.

But, when it comes to the bigger hospitality businesses with a large number of employees, keeping an account of each and every staff’s performance and work analysis becomes quite a hassle.  

Stable Communication Channel Between Staff And Guests

Misinterpreting guest orders is not a rare phenomenon in hotels. But it is a clear identifier of communication inconsistencies between the employees and the management.

Lack of Security

In big hotel premises, security is a pertinent issue. Supervising each and every employee about what section of the premises they have access to makes it hard to maintain access security.

Abiding by The COVID Norms

Courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, guests now want completely contactless services!

And this is where it becomes a problem for hotel staff. How are they supposed to go contactless and still fulfill guest requests in the absence of appropriate tools?

MyCONECT Staff App: One-Stop Solution For All Staff related Problems

Now that we know the problems hotel employees face, it’s time to seek a solution - the MyCONECT Staff App.

The Staff App is a remarkable tool that integrates with the hotel PMS and allows staff to perform all the hotel operations seamlessly and at 100% efficiency.

Here are some of the key features that the MyCONECT Staff App offers:

Task Manager

Our MyCONECT Staff App is the perfect task manager, in all aspects, that your hotel operations needs!

It helps you in:

  • Real-time staff performance analysis
  • Assigning tasks ahead of time
  • Monitor real-time task status

In short, now you can manage tasks and supervise your staff performance, both at once and with ease.

Communication Platform

The MyCONECT Staff App allows staff to communicate with each other through their smartphones. No other sophisticated equipment like walkie-talkies, collar mikes, etc., is required.

And not just this, staff can even communicate with guests in real-time and confirm service requests.

It significantly eliminates the possibility of wrong request service due to miscommunication and helps staff to perform tasks precisely. Moreover, MyCONECT Guest App’s quick communication medium helps the hotel staff to respond to guest requests in zero turnaround time.

Contactless Guest Check-In and Out

MyCONECT Staff App enables hotel staff to seamlessly operate the check-in or out procedures without having to come in contact with the guest.

According to a survey by Statista, 60 percent of travelers affirmed that they would feel more secure and risk-free in a technology-oriented hotel rather than a hotel that operates in the traditional way.

Clearly, making MyCONECT a plus one for both guests and staff.

Mobile Keys

With MyCONECT Staff App, staff no longer have the need to deliver the room keys to guests and guide them to their rooms. Staff can easily send the mobile key to its respective room owner and all the information such as room and floor number will also get passed to the guest through phone only.  

Future Valet Requests

Guests can request valet parking before reaching the hotel. This way, staff can easily arrange a parking facility for them without having to rush in the final hours when the guest has already arrived at the hotel.

Real-time Response to Guest Requests

Staff can respond to guest requests in real-time. Moreover, when a room is requested for make-up or cleaning, staff can provide the live status to the guests.

Secured Access With Mobile-Based Logins and Logouts

Tenfold your hotel premises security with MyCONECT Staff App. Staff members get access credentials on their MyCONECT Staff App with which they can access hotel areas. Moreover, in the case of a staff member on a leave, his/her access status gets set to “Inactive”.

Access status also gets set as “Inactive” automatically after 24 hours. Therefore, staff members must log in and log out within 24 hours to maintain peak security.

The MyCONECT Guest App has earned the following certification for its quality service metrics:

  • Oracle OPERA BMS Interface for RACOS Hotel Room Control System
  • Oracle OPERA Property Kiosk Interface
  • Oracle Hospitality OPERA Web Self-Service

MyCONECT Staff App is an autonomous hotel digitization platform for seamless hotel operations. The best thing? It easily gets integrated with the hotel PMS system without any major technicalities.

We certainly hope this blog helps you understand the various functions of the MyCONECT Staff App and how extremely useful MyCONECT is for your hotel operations!

If you want to learn more about how MyCONECT can bring the digitization revolution to your hotel,