The Power of Choice: Elevating Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality

When it comes to hospitality, the guest experience is everything. From the moment they arrive to the moment they check out, every detail counts, making a significant impact on their overall impression. Hotels must think outside of the box to meet this demand and embrace innovative solutions. For instance, Hilton, Clarion, TUI BLUE and Mur let their guests “choose their adventure” by allowing them to pick the room they like.

In this article, we’ll expose the benefits of this approach and show you how to implement it in your business.

How Does Allowing Your Guests to Choose a Room Improve the Customer Experience?

Someone likes rooms on higher floors. Someone tries to avoid elevators and would like to stay in a room on the first floor. Well, you can allow your guests to choose where they want to live.  

Traditionally, rooms are assigned to guests upon their arrival, which may not meet their needs and preferences. However, with 71% of hotel customers preferring self-service technologies, the hospitality industry must embrace this new trend. Self-check-in kiosks, mobile room keys and digital concierge — help hotels keep up with the changing needs of customers.

By using the hotel Property Management System (PMS) and add-on software, like MyCONECT, guests can now browse and pick their rooms before they cross the threshold of a hotel. This allows the hospitality industry to create a more personalized experience and make clients feel valued and appreciated.

One of the main benefits of such an approach is that it allows clients to feel in control. Instead of feeling like they are at the mercy of the hotel’s assignment process, they can actively select the room that meets their specific requirements. Eventually, you are the one who decides whether to go ahead with the guest's request.

To make this process seamless, hotels can implement MyCONECT, which integrates with their PMS. With this software, guests control their room setting with an easy-to-use interface and many options to help make the best choice. Whether it’s curtains, lighting, temperature control, TV, or music, it’s possible to control any room upgrades and add-ons on a mobile phone.

What is also important is that letting your clients select their rooms reduces the time and resources needed for the staff to assign rooms manually. This way, hotel employees can focus on other essential tasks and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, this cuts down the number of room-changing requests, as guests will likely be satisfied with their choices.  

The Journey Of Choosing the Right Room

When it comes to hotel stays, the room your guests choose can make or break their experience. It’s where they will sleep, relax and unwind after a long day of travel. Therefore, the journey of choosing a fitting room is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. It should start long ago before the arrival.  

  • Learn your guests’ preferences

To provide your guests with a personalized experience, knowing their preferences is essential. You can gather this information by asking questions about their needs and likes during the booking process. For example, some guests favor a room with a view, while others opt for a quiet one away from the elevator. If you know what your guests want in advance, you can assign them the right place and make sure they're satisfied.

  • Let your guests select the perfect room

Once you have identified your guest’s preferences, allow them to choose their favorite room. This approach can add significant value to your customers by giving them control over their stay. Offer them access to your hotel app, with which they can browse the list of rooms and opt for the most suitable one. In this way, guests will have the opportunity and the time to make a reasonable choice between different options.

  • Create a special request

While some guests may be content with selecting their favorite room, others may have additional requirements. For instance, someone may need an extra bed or a room with a bathtub. MyCONECT provides platform solutions for hotels to either use certain or all functions, which may include:

  • BLE enable door locks & mobile keys
  • Messaging services
  • Upselling
  • Service requests
  • Valet parking service.

Thanks to this, you can set up a unique request option during the booking process, allowing your customers to communicate their needs. Your hotel PMS works like a database, where data is encrypted and shared via cloud-based apps to run hotel operations and guest services. By addressing your customers’ special requests, you show that you care about their experience and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction.

  • Get a notification on your PMS

To ensure a smooth room assignment and streamlined guest experience, consider using a Property Management System (PMS) and add-on software like MyCONECT. With this software, you can receive notifications on your smartphone when a guest selects a specific room or makes a special request. This allows your team to prepare the room accordingly and promptly address hotel clients’ needs.

Wrapping Up

Giving your guests the freedom to choose their rooms is a game changer in the hospitality industry. With the help of your PMS and the MyCONECT add-on platform, hotels can transform their clients' experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Customers will appreciate the convenience and control of selecting their room, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.

So, why wait? Start revamping your hotel’s digital hospitality today and let your guest “pick and click” their way to a memorable stay with MyCONECT. Contact us!