Summer Travel Rush: How to Prepare as a Hotel Owner

Summer 2022 is feeling a lot like the classic summer we used to know and it's been a while since we felt like that. Even as the economic downturn looms large, a large number of people are gearing up for summer vacations. According to a McKinsey report, almost 70% of people are planning a summer trip, no matter what!

The psychological impact of the pandemic and the pent-up demand is pushing the summer travel rush, and hotel owners need to be on their feet to offer guests a luxurious yet thoughtful experience. Here are five ways you can make the most of the summer without compromising on revenue:

1. Use a splash of summer in your online assets

Even if you're making under-the-hood changes to welcome summer guests, it's essential to dress in the season’s colors. People searching for summer deals and hotels look for the right kind of summer vibes—it's a social cue that shows that you're serious about the season and making efforts to offer a unique experience.

Invest in Google and social media ads with summer visuals and fun copy to attract the right audience. Give your social channels and booking website a summer makeover to generate a greater buy-in from visitors. It's important to A/B test booking UI and online ads to fine-tune conversions.

2. Focus on local tourism

People are desperate to travel but the micro-economic situations will eventually force them to cut corners. Since international destinations come with financial and health concerns, domestic tourism has found renewed interest. Even foreign tourists are opting to explore local outings to enjoy an authentic and affordable stay.

As a hotel owner, you must focus on enriching the local experience for guests. This means partnering with local artists and operators to bring the fun to the hotel and offering tour bundles by collaborating with drivers, restaurants, and destination officials. When guests see hotels involved in local tourism and help them get the best deals, it immediately creates a differentiated experience for them.

3. Offer a market-leading digital experience

Post-pandemic tours have heavily relied on contactless experiences and summer will not be any different. Offering a bespoke and intuitive digital experience has become the standard in the hospitality industry and you cannot falter on this one. Use a dedicated guest app to offer contactless check-in/check-out, digital keys, valet parking, and customizable in-room controls.

Hotel staff should be trained in not only helping guests use digital services but also delighting them with intuitive benefits. A digital app can help you map customer journeys and empower staff to offer personalized services.

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4. Rethink loyalty programs

Loyalty programs have always been the way to differentiate a brand and retain customers in the hospitality market. But customers, especially gen Z and millennials, feel they're not getting the best value out of these deals.

Summer offers the perfect time for you to reinvent loyalty programs. Apart from simplifying the ways to redeem points and offering customized discounts, you should also focus on areas that attract the biggest footprints. A lot of travelers exclusively pick hotels that have green initiatives and offer sustainable solutions to the local communities. Old loyalty programs are driving away visitors without hotels knowing about them so you should pay more attention to them.

5. Live up to the health and safety requirements

As far as hotels are concerned, Covid-19 is very much in the fray. While digital experiences are meant to delight guests and make their experience richer, health and safety protocols are due diligence as they address the fear of guests.

Communicate how you plan to make their stays a safe one and run marketing campaigns focusing on that. A lot of customers don't like to concede this but they often check out hotels that offer the most secure experiences.

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