How Dedicated Guest and Staff Apps Benefit Your Hotel

COVID-19 has caused a major disruption to all sectors, particularly hospitality. Although the peak of the pandemic has passed, its impact still lingers, and businesses must continue to adapt.

The hotel industry has had to change itself to adjust to the demands of the virus. Organizations have modified their processes, leading to an increase in competition. Those that fail to acclimate have and will continue to fall behind.

One of the most effective strategies hotels have used is to digitize their operations. Using a hotel guest and staff app can increase operational efficiency, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

This article will cover the top benefits your hotel can gain by using hotel Guest and Staff apps.

1. Decrease Touchpoints and Create a Contactless Guest Journey

With a dedicated hotel mobile app, your guests can check in and check out effortlessly, avoiding drawn-out manual processes. By minimizing the number of touchpoints in your customer’s journey, you’ll increase customer satisfaction, and customer retention, and prioritize their safety.

More specifically, digitizing your hotel operations can make each step easier and more efficient. With only a smartphone, customers can select and book rooms, use digital keys, request valet parking, and digitally check in and out.

A contactless guest journey makes perfect sense in a post-COVID world. There’s no doubt that guest and staff apps will prepare hotels to be ready for the upcoming digital transformation.

2. Improve Operational Efficiency

A hotel guest and staff app allows you to digitize a large portion of your business processes, increasing operational efficiency. Some hotels still stick to inefficient analog solutions that put you at a disadvantage compared to your competitors.

More precisely, a mobile app can take care of front-desk and housekeeping duties. Reserving rooms, requesting valet service, checking in—these are all things that digitization can take care of. It can also turn your customer’s smartphones into a mobile key or even a universal remote.

However, it’s not just about the customers: hotel guest apps can also improve staff operations. Real-time internal communication allows employees to remain productive and supervisors can remotely assign tasks.  

A mobile hotel management app can streamline your business workflows, leading to increases in operational efficiency. They’re able to replace inefficient analog solutions that are still used by some hotels.

3. Provide Customer Data

One significant advantage of digitizing your hotel management process is that you can acquire valuable insights from customer data. A digital platform allows you to centralize all your guest information in one online database. This makes it easy to access and analyze.

Customer data can be used to dictate your organization’s strategy, uncover problems and bottlenecks, and also discover potential opportunities. You can get a real-time view of the activity of your hotel, while also managing transactions and overall revenue.

Ensuring efforts and strategies are data-driven is crucial for an organization, regardless of the industry. Hotels need to track, gather, and analyze guest data and behavior to gain a better understanding of their customers. A hotel guest and staff app can help you do this.

4. Enhanced Guest Experience

By using a mobile app integrated into a property management system, you can offer a seamless guest experience. Requiring only a smartphone, your guests feel empowered while they move through the customer journey—from online booking to check-out and feedback.

A dedicated hotel guest app makes your organization’s entire guest journey an easy process. Guests can select and reserve rooms, schedule valet parking, perform a check-in online and even use a digital key. These are just some of the capabilities of a hotel guest app.

Ensuring your guests have the best experience is crucial to the growth and overall success of your hotel. Customer satisfaction is significantly correlated with high positive business outcomes.

5. Improved Employee Morale and Productivity

When your workforce communicates more efficiently, productivity and morale increase. A hotel guest and staff app will empower your employees, providing features to streamline your workflows. It acts as a digital extension of your property management system.

One such feature is an internal communication channel that allows your staff to communicate in real-time. A supervisor can also use the digital platform to assign and track tasks, making it easy to manage employee performance.

Looking after your employees is extremely important to the success of an organization. Hotels must keep their workforce motivated to maximize productivity. The right mobile app can amplify the capabilities of your property management system.

6. Easy to Acquire Reviews and Feedback From Guests

A hotel’s reputation has a significant influence on consumer purchasing decisions. If your organization has a poor standing, prospects will be unlikely to become paying customers. Acquiring lots of positive reviews can change the perception and lead to positive outcomes.

A hotel guest and staff app provides a digital platform where guests can leave reviews and feedback. All of this can be done with nothing more than a smartphone. When this process is made easy, guests are more likely to leave reviews.

Feedback acquired can also be used to uncover insights and drive future strategic decisions. Listening to what your paying customers have to say is essential. They can cue you in on any potential pitfalls or bottlenecks in your guest journey.  

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the hotel industry. Even though the peak is behind us, its catastrophic impact is still felt two years removed from the outbreak. On a positive note, organizations have had to adapt, update and optimize processes.

Hotels have streamlined their workflows and increased operational efficiency by digitizing business processes. A hotel guest and staff app is the perfect modern upgrade for a property management system. With them, you’ll reach your guests and employees more effectively.

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