5 Impactful Tips to Boost Your Hotel Business

The hotel industry is a highly competitive and happening space. With each passing day, technological innovations and consumer trends rise and fall at a pace that only a few other industries can match. What is in vogue today might become obsolete tomorrow.

In such a dynamic environment, staying relevant and standing out from the competition becomes not just a requirement but a necessity. However, the constant efforts to keep up with the competition can prove burdensome and overwhelming for hotels, regardless of their scale and resources.

We have curated below five of the most effective tips hotels can implement to grow their business and amplify their brand value significantly.

Digitizing Hotel Services

It’s high time hotels realized the need to digitize their services to improve guest journeys.

Guests love it when they can request virtually every hotel service from their smartphones as it saves them the need to interact with the hotel staff. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Metova, 86% of guests now seek digitization in their hotel stay.

Digitization allows guests to book rooms, do self check-ins and check-outs, operate in-room appliances with their smartphones, request any hotel service in real-time and a lot more.

A major advantage of digitizing your hotel operations is that it reduces downtime by removing the “analogue” out of their service execution procedure. For instance, if a guest desires to not opt for the breakfast service, they don’t have to call the reception or go there physically to let the staff know. Instead, they can simply initiate a request on the Hotel’s proprietary mobile app.

Nowadays, many digital hospitality platforms allow you to digitally transform your hotel services efficiently and at a fast pace. However, the majority of them allow limited digitization. In such scenarios, opting for solutions that digitally transform your hotel services from the ground up is a better option.

MyCONECT, for instance, is a one-stop solution for hotels that helps them to completely digitalize their hotel operations by integrating with the existing hotel PMS.

By opting for MyCONECT, hotels can provide the following digital services to their guests.

  • Online room booking, update and upgrade.
  • Online valet parking request
  • Self-check-in
  • Mobile keys
  • On phone in-room controls
  • Online service requests
  • Self check-out and a lot more.

Prioritizing Guest Health & Safety by Following COVID Norms

Hotel guests in the past were only seeking copious facilities and lush comfort during their hotel stay. However, a lot has changed since the COVID outbreak. Guests now particularly look for prominent safety measures on the hotel premises and for obvious reasons (hint: COVID-19 pandemic).

Therefore, it goes without saying that today, only the hotels following COVID norms strictly are attracting a majority of travelers.

To ensure your hotel abides by the pandemic guidelines enforced by the authorities, you can do the following:

  • Train your staff as per the latest health protocols in place
  • Offer guests contactless services with digitization
  • Connect with your local hospitals, health centers and ambulance services
  • Maintain a list of health and housekeeping guidelines for your hotel and update it regularly

Understanding Your Guests

Great marketing is the key to a hotel’s growth and the key to that is knowing your guests. Always make sure to establish your target guest personas so that you can easily and strategically set up your marketing actions.

Knowing your customers primarily includes grasping the reason they are choosing your hotel for staying, who they are, what is the purpose of their visit, and similar questions like these. It helps you answer “how to strategize your hotel marketing?”. The data you collect when gathering answers to these questions will significantly help you improve your hotel marketing and sales prospects.

Let us consider that the majority of your hotel guests are middle-aged business persons. And these individuals are attracted to your hotel because of the safety guidelines you follow and the comfortable corporate meeting environment you provide.

Then your marketing strategy should focus on highlighting these features of your hotel and eventually targeting more business travelers.

Providing a Unique Guest Experience

Another great way to attract consumers is by providing them with a unique guest experience. Hotels nowadays have cracked this business code and are constantly trying to offer something unique to their guests, which sets them apart from their competitors.

This unique experience can be in terms of creativity, technology, specialty cuisine, etc.

For example, workcations are one unique experience that is wooing guests in the post-pandemic times. Let me put this workcation thing in simple words. As the name suggests, it combines the words work and vacations. Nowadays, people prefer to work while being on a vacation from their hotel rooms in response to the WFH environment COVID subjected them to for two whole years. A hotel providing an ideal workcation for businessmen and corporate employees is in high demand nowadays.

Another cool way to provide a unique guest experience is to collaborate with local artists around your hotel and host art shows or museum shows for your guests. This way, they will be more attracted to your hotel.  

Promoting Your Hotel on Social Media

If you are thinking that social media is only a branding platform for small creative businesses and not for the hospitality business, you are certainly wrong. Even though promoting your business on social media isn’t a new trend, the impact of social media branding is growing just bigger and bigger.

Social media helps you in creating an impactful visual identity of your hotel business that further significantly boosts your hotel’s growth such as,

  • Captivating your audience
  • Strategizing your marketing efforts
  • Informing potential guests about your hotel's distinctiveness and features
  • Building a positive review portfolio


The past couple of years were quite challenging for the hospitality industry due to the COVID pandemic outbreak. However, the industry is bouncing back at a fast pace from the fallbacks and growing even bigger than before.

This rapid growth in the hospitality industry makes it quite crucial for hotel businesses to keep their services in tune with the new trends and technologies.

We hope that the tips mentioned in this blog will help you significantly in attracting guests and boosting your hotel’s career prospects.

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