10 Tips to Elevate Your Hotel’s NYE Events with Guest App Promotions

As the year draws to a close, hotels are gearing up for the most glamorous night of the year – New Year's Eve. Capturing the attention of potential guests and ensuring a packed house for your New Year's Eve events requires strategic planning and effective promotion.

Promoting your New Year's Eve hotel events on guest apps is a powerful way to engage your audience and drive attendance. Here are some effective strategies to make the most out of hotel guest apps:

1. Event Highlights and Descriptions:

Use the guest app to showcase the key highlights of your New Year's Eve events. Provide concise and enticing descriptions of the entertainment, themes, and special features. Use visually appealing graphics to grab attention.

2. Exclusive In-App Offers:

Create exclusive offers or discounts for guests who access event information through the app. This not only encourages app usage but also provides an extra incentive for attendees to book directly through the app.

3. Push Notifications:

Leverage push notifications to keep app users informed about event updates, countdowns, and special announcements. This direct and immediate communication channel ensures that your audience stays engaged leading up to the big night.

4. App-Only Contests and Giveaways:

Run contests or giveaways exclusively through the guest app. Encourage users to participate for a chance to win tickets, VIP access, or special perks related to your New Year's Eve events. This fosters user engagement and app loyalty.

5. Interactive Event Maps:

Integrate interactive maps within the app to help guests navigate the event venue. Highlight key areas, such as the dance floor, bars, and photo booths. This feature enhances the overall guest experience and encourages exploration.

6. Event Schedule and Reminders:

Provide a detailed schedule of the New Year's Eve events within the app. Allow users to set up reminders for specific activities or performances they don't want to miss. This feature enhances user experience and ensures maximum event participation.

7. User-Generated Content (UGC):

Encourage guests to share their experiences by submitting photos or sharing on social media. Curate and display UGC within the app to create a sense of community and excitement surrounding your New Year's Eve celebrations.

8. Integrated Ticketing and Reservations:

Simplify the booking process by integrating a seamless ticketing and reservation system within the guest app. Allow users to purchase event tickets, reserve tables, or book special packages directly from their mobile devices.

9. Social Media Integration:

Connect the guest app with your hotel's social media accounts. Enable users to share their attendance and excitement for the New Year's Eve events on platforms like Instagram and Facebook directly through the app.

10. Post-Event Surveys and Feedback:

Collect valuable feedback by incorporating post-event surveys within the app. Understand what worked well and gather insights for future improvements. This feedback loop can contribute to refining your event strategies for the following year.

By strategically leveraging your hotel's guest app, you can not only effectively promote your New Year's Eve events but also enhance the overall guest experience. Implementing these strategies ensures that your hotel stands out in the crowded landscape of New Year's Eve celebrations, creating lasting memories for your guests.

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